Once in a while

In every passing decade

Of her life, a moment comes

Crawling up her skin like a snail

Leaving silvery trails of slime

For her to follow

Carving channels deeper into her own

The sharp red of her blood

Fading into burnt orange


The first time it happened

She was out of day dreams

Hanging alone by the tyre swing

She then, a girl of ten


Could I swing my way up

To reach out to the stars

That hung in lonely splendour in the sky

Would I leave all sadness behind?

Or will it be waiting for me at dawn

When the stars fade away?


The second time it happened, she meant it

Her feet teetering at the window sill

She let the cold wind lift her off her feet


Once in a while

She lies flat on her back

Ignoring the knocks on her window

Once in a while

Joy slips in a kiss by her window,

Her old friends from a life she recalled no more

Once in a while

Happiness comes chirping by her table

Once in a while

She wonders, wonders again,

Who knows what is next,

What my story is, or will be?

But today,

I am going to lock my sadness away

Today I am convinced

Joy doesn’t need to slip by anymore

I’m coming,

I’m coming